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What is an eatute?

eatutes are one to one cooking lessons. It connects a novice foodie who is craving for a dish, to a tutor who can help making it. 

Can I become an tutor and teach my signature dishes?

Yes of course! A tutor may not be a professional per se. Anyone who knows to make a dish perfectly well and has the confidence and pedagogue to share the expertise, can be a successful tutor. Good things come at a price and eatute is no different, which means, you earn as you tute. An eatute has the potential for a viral reach if done right.

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I am a chef. I already conduct online classes. Can I host my courses on

Yes, you can host your courses on eatute! You have options to host recorded courses, online courses. 

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How are eatutes different from free online recipes?

Of course there are lot of free options available online and some of them are really good but identifying the right one is not easy always. Many times you end up doing lot of trial and error to identify the right one.
With eatutes, you learn directly from your personal tutor. Once you book an eatute, the whatsapp access to the tutor gets unlocked. The tutor will connect with you and guide you with the method, tools, ingredients and the techniques used in the dish. They will alert you on the possible pitfalls in the process and help you get it right the very first time. You will have a 7-day whatsapp access to the tutor for questions and clarifications.

What if the tutor does not respond to my queries?

For any grievances, you can create a ticket from the “Orders” section of “”My Account” page and our support team will assist you. From the time the tutor marks your eatute lesson as “Complete”, you have a support window of 7 days to report any grievances. Please note that all issues/concerns(if any) need to be reported within 7 days from the time of completion of the eatute. Soon after the 7 day support window, the eatute fee is remitted to tutor and the transaction is marked complete.

Why is my eatute not selling?
Customers would be reluctant to buy newly launched eatutes. Set some offer price and offer cancelation & refund options. Get those initial customers to try and review your eatute.  Think long term & Invest in your eatute. Dont worry about your initial earnings. Stay put! Give good service & Gather some goodwill.


Is there any time restrictions to reach the tutor?

Just message your tutor on whatsapp, and they will respond to you ASAP. During off hours and busy times they might take a little longer to respond to your message.

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