Chocolate Making Course


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Reema’s Swad Cooking Classes - Vegetarian Pure Chocolate Making Class…

Following items/techniques will be covered:
- Ferrero Rocher
- Truffles
- Fudges
- Flavours (Coffee Magic, Tangy Tango, Chilly Chatka, Fruit Disk)
- Hard center (Crackers, Crunch, Butter Scotch, Mixed Nuts)
- Soft center (Bounty, Caramel)
- Liquid filling (Milk maid, Crushes)
- Exotic Filling (Nutella Lovers, Hazelnut Truffle)
- Layered Chocolate
- Marble Chocolate
- Dips
- Packing
- Gift wrapping

The class will cover the following
- Work with compound and explanation on using real chocolate
- Explanation on tempering chocolate (by seeding method and tableing method)
- Get bright white colour of your white chocolate
- Colouring chocolates
- Printing on Chocolates
- Shine on Chocolates

We will offer you an additional 24 days WhatsApp support for this class from the date of purchase
I am located in India. I can teach you in English. We will connect on whatsapp once you book this lesson.

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Mode of Teaching

Recorded Session - The tutor will provide access to a detailed recorded video demonstrating the method of preparation

This eatute also includes 7 days whatsapp support from the date of purchase

Chocolate Making Course



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