eatutes are cooking lessons which simply connects a novice foodie who is craving for a dish, to a tutor who can help making it. To be a tutor, you don’t need to be an expert per se.. You just need to be a good cook and should have the willingness to help the world cook. Good things come at a price and eatute is no different, which means, you earn as you tute. 

There are three modes, to teach on eatute.com

  • Whatsapp – The tutor will teach on whatsapp chat by means of text chat, voice messages, pictures or short video clips etc.
  • Recorded Session – The tutor will provide access to a detailed recorded video demonstrating the method of preparation
  • Online Meeting – The tutor will teach in a one to one online meeting by means of videos, presentations or live demonstration
How it works? Once you buy an eatute, you get direct access to the tutor on whatsapp. The tutor will connect with you and guide you with the method, tools, ingredients and the techniques used to make the dish. You will have a 7-day whatsapp access to the tutor for questions and clarifications.

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